The secrets behind The Secret…

The Secret Key to Law of Success
The 17 principles of Personal Achievement –

Source: Anna Fussell

Anna Fussell has been studying the Laws of Success for over 3o years, and has managed to capture her learnings so well on her blog: Below is one pf her posts, where she speaks about the 17 Principle of Personal Achievement. This post will nudge you in the right directionm, where you can go further and explore her blog for yourself and subsequently learn more about the secrets that are not contained in The Secret.   

“The Secret Law of Success is born in each of us. In a one-room cabin on Pound River, Virginia, in 1883, Napoleon Hill was born into abject poverty. Showing the Law of Success, he became a writer at the age of 13 as a ‘mountain reporter’ for a small town newspaper. Demonstrating the Law of Success in action, Hill went on to become the first and premier American author with an organized approach to self help. One of the best selling motivational authors of all time, he has written the famous Think and Grow Rich, The Law of Success, Keys to Success, Keys to Positive Thinking and many others.

Napoleon Hill found the secret behind The Secret way before the movie was ever conceptualized, already a practitioner of The Law of Success. He is a favorite author of mine. When I first read Think and Grow Rich, it got under my skin. I have never forgotten him. Something about the way he writes makes me feel a personal connection to the secrets of the universe. I sensed even 30 years ago, that he had indeed found some Secret of the Universe, some Law of Success and I wanted it. I have found myself returning to his work again and again.”

Over the next few posts, we will explore his seventeen principles of personal achievement, a rough sketch of the Law of Success in which the secrets are revealed. These 17 principles are as follows (some will be expanded upon by clicking the link):

1. Develop Definiteness of Purpose
2. Establish a Mastermind Alliance
3. Assemble an Attractive Personality
4. Use Applied Faith
5. Go the Extra Mile
6. Create Personal Initiative

7. Build a Positive Mental Attitude
8. Control Your Enthusiasm
9. Enforce Self-discipline
10. Think Accurately
11. Control Your Attention
12. Inspire Teamwork
13. Learn from Adversity and Defeat
14. Cultivate Creative Vision
15. Maintain Sound Health
16. Budget Your Time and Money
17. Use Cosmic Habitforce


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