Dealing with the stresses of leadership…

 “You end up having a very thick skin. I entered here with a thick skin, and now my skin is even thicker. Part of what you understand is that you are a person, but you’re also a symbol. If things are going wrong, then people are looking to you to fix them. And sometimes, if you’re just frustrated in your efforts, you’re going to be the object of their frustration. You don’t take it personally – you just recognize that it goes with the office and the desk and Marine One and all the other aspects of being president… My hair is grayer, and obviously you get dinged up and bruised in this job. But my confidence in the American people is stronger than it was when I came into office, and my determination to do right by them and make sure that every morning, I wake up trying to figure out, ‘How do I improve their prospects?’ That determination burns brighter than it did back in 2008.” ~ Barrak Obama


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