“Reasons I kick ass” list. Make one


Self-doubt sucks.  Yet it chases you daily, looking to tear down whatever good feelings you have about yourself.  Some days you keep ahead of it, and you feel great and kick the world’s ass.  Other days, it’s your ass that’s taking a beating – and hard.


I can’t tell you how many times people have told me they know what to do – and even know how to do it – but they just can’t get it done because of the paralyzing, depressing effects of self-doubt.  And when I say “people” I’m not talking about chronic procrastinators or no-account layabouts … I’m talking about people all the way up the spectrum, from mildly successful to seven-figure earners.


Self-doubt can take the wind out of anyone’s sails.  And it does.  Frequently.


Here’s how to put the wind back in those sails no matter how you’re feeling today.


Today’s kick in the ass is a simple one – make a quick list of reasons you kick ass at whatever it is you’re about to do.   Just take a moment – right now – and think about the last few times you felt good about your abilities, and really pull those memories back up.


Maybe you received a really encouraging email or tweet from someone saying you did a great job, or you really made a difference in their life.  Maybe you passed a touch certification, or practiced hard to gain a new skill.  Maybe you won an award, or fixed a high-profile problem, or maybe it’s as simple as you being there when someone needed you.


Whatever it is, that’s relevant to your struggle, think back to the victories and relive the emotion … and put down the reasons you rocked on a short list.  An index card you can carry with you.  A post-it you stick to your monitor.  A text file on your desktop you can open any time.


Lists prevent you from taking yourself for granted


When you’re good at something, it’s generally something that’s important to you.  Because it’s important to you, it’s likely you have mentors or “heroes” that you look up to – and since they’re so much “better” than you are, you downplay your skills and talents and think they’re nothing special.


But they are.  Those skills and talents can make things happen in your life and the lives of others, and if you take them for granted, you’re going to take weak action and doubt your abilities.


You’re going to compare yourselves to others and think you’re not good enough.  You’re going to think about your past successes and tell yourself that it was just a fluke, or that you don’t have it in you for a repeat performance.


I strongly urge you to call bullshit on yourself by putting into words all the reasons you should be proud of yourself.  Make a list of the reasons you’re really good at what you do.  And if you’re only kind of good, make a list of all the reasons you’re at least “good enough.”  And if you’re just getting started, just make a list of all the progress you’ve made.


Your Assignment:  Tell Me 3 Reasons You Rock At What You Do


You’re better at this stuff than you give yourself credit for.  Start giving yourself credit and make your own “Reasons I Kick Ass” list.  And when you start losing steam and doubting yourself, come back to this list for some encouragement.


For now, leave a comment and tell me 3 reasons you should be proud of yourself / your skills / your progress.  If you’re not comfortable putting your name, just put “Ass-Kicker” in the name field and no one will know who you are. :-)   Just put it in writing, and get it done today.


Then write this list down for yourself, and put it somewhere handy.


Do it now – you’ll thank yourself for it.


That is all –



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