Work When You Work – EFFICIENCY (from “Eat That Frog”)

To keep your life in balance, you should resolve to work all the time you work.  When you go to work, put your head down and work the whole time.  Start a little earlier, stay a little later, and work a little harder (and smarter).  Don’t waste time.  The time that we waste at work often has to be taken away from the members of our families.  We have to either stay late or take work home and work in the evenings.  By not working efficiently and effectively during our workdays, we create unnecessary stress and deprive the members of our family of the very best person we can possibly be.  There is a story of a little girl who goes to her mother and asks, “Mommy, why does Daddy bring a briefcase full of work home each night and never spend time with the family?”  The mother replies sympathetically, “Well, honey, you have to understand – Daddy can’t get his work done at the office so he has to bring it home and get caught up here.”  The little girl then asks, “If that’s the case, why don’t they put him in a slower class?”



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