The Victim Myth

Every day I hear people moan about one thing or another and why they can’t get ahead in life. My wife/husband won’t let me go back to school. I grew up poor and I don’t know how to control my money. I’m too stupid to figure computers out. I don’t make friends easy because of my difficult childhood. It goes on and on and on.

Every excuse in the world – and all of it’s some else’s fault. All of their misfortunes are put at the feet of their parents, their upbringing, their background, the city or country they grew up in, their religion, race and gender, etc. People like to play being the victim. 

Being the victim is easy. It’s easy because it’s always someone or something else’s fault. It’s never your fault, though.

What a crock. The victim mentality has got to go.

The first step in accepting responsibility for your life is to understand that EVERY choice is yours to make. Everything that you do is because you made one decision instead of another.

It was your choice to have kids. It was your choice to get married. It was your choice to have that dog or cat. It was your choice to live in that city. It was your choice to buy all that STUFF filling up your house. It was your choice to not go to school and have a career. It was your choice eat junk food and to not exercise. It was your choice to give up on yourself. It was your choice to stop learning new things. They were all your choices.

No one held a gun to your head and told you to take that first drink or first cigarette, it’s all about you and your choice.

Once you realize that all the choices were yours to take, now what?

You need to own the choice, stop playing the victim and do something about it. The past is finished, get on with life.

The worst would be to wake up at 80 and realize that life has passed you by because of your choices. Yes it will probably be hard as hell to make changes in your life and there will be difficult times, but it’s your choice make your life more meaningful.

We all have choices and today you can decide to make good choices.

It all starts with the words ”I choose”.

I choose to take responsibility for everything in my life. I choose to not be a slave to my past or my circumstances.

I choose to be get up every morning and go to work to earn a paycheque for my family. I choose today to be the day that I stop smoking. I choose today to stop blaming my parents for my choices in life. I choose to take a walk today and to eat more healthy choices for my body.

You have all the choices in the world.

Reboot your victim attitude.

You can change your mindset about every aspects of your life.

You can choose your actions and thereby choose the inevitable results. It will be your choice to live with those results and take the consequences no matter what they turn out to be. Why? Because you made conscious choices and didn’t just take the default option because it was the easier way or because you were scared to do something.

Time is going by faster and faster each day. The day and years will pass anyway so you might as well make wise choices that make you happy, than stay stuck in a choice that you made years ago when you were a different person. We all grow and I while we are fundamentally the same person, with every new piece of information we are exposed to, we grow as human beings.

Now that you know better, you will do better.

Stop giving your power away to other people or things, and take personal responsibility for everything in your life.

Your life will get better when you decide to make it better.

by Karen


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