Be the brand…

I’m chilling at home reading and of my friends sends me a BBM. It’s what I’ve come to expect from Thabang; the friend who’s opinion I respect the most when it comes to all thing marketing, branding and spiritual. The BBM read as follows:

“Strive to live a Brand driven life,not a Sales driven life. A Sales driven life is transactional; its the”show me the money”type and it seeks quantity over quality. Its about instant gratification. It doesn’t take a long term view on life and it will be filled with friends that add no value; that are there for glamour and disappear when days are dark.

A brand driven life on the other hand is based on values, it settles for nothing less than premium, its got a niche market(read few friends) that bring value, quality over quantity. It takes a long term view on life and doesn’t easily get shaken when the road gets bumpy. There you are, I’ve taught you how to apply marketing to your life. Now go out there and live your best life yet. May the grace of the Highets High be with u all”.


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