The obsession with greatness

As a kid, I always thought I was behind and I needed that extra hour of work to catch up.  Jim Jones once told me, “No matter how many shots you take, somewhere there’s a kid out there taking one more.  If you dribble a million times a day, someone is dribbling a million and one.”  Whenever I’d get ready to call it a day, I’d think, “No.  Somebody else is still working.  Somebody-somewhere is playing that extra ten or fifteen minutes and he’s going to beat me someday.”  I’d practice some more and then I’d think, “Maybe that guy is practicing his free throws now.”  So I’d go to the line and practice my free throws and that would take another hour.  I don’t know if I worked more than anybody else did, but I sure worked enough.  I still wonder if somebody-somewhere-was practicing more than me.  Maybe Michael Jordan.”  ~ Larry Bird



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