The Art Of The Hustler

By Elite

Everyone’s definition of a hustler can vary from time to time. The way people see a hustler and the way the hustler sees himself are most likely two different things. Some forget that in this competitive world we live in, if you don’t have the hustler mentality within you it is very hard to separate yourself from the stragglers and get ahead. As the saying goes “You can’t knock the hustle” and you truly can’t knock hustler down.

There are several fundamental elements of a hustler’s mentality that allows him to strive for success and attain it quicker than most. Though many would think this is not someone whose example should be followed, it is important to see his unique strategy in the positive light as a person who knows how to make something happen by constantly using his mind to find new ways to better himself.

These are concepts that your professor will never teach you because they involve dealing with obstacles and situations a textbook cannot convey. What they forget to tell you while growing up is that school will only supply you with 10% of your necessary knowledge and the rest is up to you to learn on your own. Life is a curve ball and it takes a hustlers mentality to really figure it out and master it.


Too many times have we come across people who are just sitting around, waiting for an opportunity to drop out of the sky because of the idealistic promises told to them when they were younger. They don’t understand that success is something the individual has to initiate by taking different steps each day to create the lifestyle they want.

An environment where you are in control is built from the ground up with no hand outs. A true hustler never makes excuses for why he hasn’t reached his goals. There is always a way out of a problem and a hustler never stops trying to figure anything out.

“Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle”. ~ Abe Lincoln

A hustler is someone that knows how to get any job done whether he knows the traditional way to do it or not. He is both confident and passionate about getting where he wants to go, a combination vital to any entrepreneur. Within those two factors there is an undying ambition that will always be asking for more until the world has become his playground.

A hustler can find a way to turn water into wine. Look at Jay-Z for example. The man used to be a drug dealer in Brooklyn and hustled his way to the top, now having a fundraiser for the President of the United States. The key traits that got him there are the art of the hustler, and they go something like this.

Value Hard Work

10,080 is a number you should be familiar with. There are exactly ten thousand and eighty minutes in one week. A hustler is someone who makes sure every single minute of the week is accounted for and is put to the correct use that will position a better week to come. This creates a ladder that he constantly keeps building on a weekly basis working towards more and more success.

The opposite of a hustler is someone who does the same thing every day from 9-5 and decides not to even look at their email after 5:01. They will make sure they take every last day of their 2 week vacation and will walk in at 9:01 and leave at 5:01. They don’t give their 100% and usually end up saying  “If I would have worked harder, I would have succeeded.” This is not the mentality of a hustler.

A hustler understands that severe sacrifices have to be made in order to reap any of the benefits of success. One of the greatest hustlers of all time told me that when he first started his business, he didn’t have sex for a year and a half because he was just too focused. A hustler puts in the blood, sweat and tears trying to become the best person they believe they can be and reaching their end goal.

They take this mission to improve themselves as a human being as something they must prove to others and their determination to elevate their status never stops driving them to put in the extra work to do so. A hustler strives to perfect their craft daily and doesn’t flinch when a minor speed bump arises because they know the only person that can stop them from trying is the hustler himself.

“Be like a duck. Remain calm on the surface and paddle like hell underneath” ~Michael Caine

Understand Smart Work

There are those who see something just as it is and there are those that see a system that can be broken. A hustler believes and recognizes that they have a core advantage over any one else. This advantage is not only their ability to work hard but also in their ability work smarter. They have a third eye for certain things that many don’t.

There is hard work and there is smart work. This involves being able to understand the dynamics and metrics of a task or action. It’s all about controlling the situation and steering it in the direction you want it to go. Working smart means making the most out of the control you have over a situation and utilizing the knowledge you have of that situation to understand how to conquer what’s in front of you most effectively.

A hustler is a lifelong student of social dynamics and negotiation. They enjoy the company of people but are always analyzing the nuances of their interactions so they can become a better communicator.

Having the quick mindset to immediately know what kind of response should come next by combining instincts and previous knowledge of that situation always puts the control of the conversation in the hands of the hustler. Smart work also includes the understanding how to sell. A hustler can sell water to a fish and a sweater to an eskimo. Here are the qualities of the perfect salesman:

Never Back Track Yourself

Listen Attentively & Show it

Leave Arguments for the Playground

Don’t Bluff – This isn’t Poker

When all else fails – “Give’em an offer they can’t refuse”

Be Upfront and Be Blunt.

Love your Hustle

Your ambition must far exceed your talent when you are a hustler. Your ambition must make you so obsessed with bettering the way you handle things that you eat, breath and sleep your hustle until you achieve your end goal. A hustler believes what they are doing has the power to overcome any obstacle that stands in the way of their success and feels the need to prove this to others in order to truly be idolized like the great business leaders of our time. They understand that after all is said and done their story will be retold.

As the saying goes you will never feel like you are working a day in your life if you enjoy what your doing and understand what you truly can become in the process. A hustler doesn’t even know what a day off is, as so many successful people will tell you that they haven’t had a day off since they started hustling.

If you consider yourself a entrepreneur and want to change the world then go ahead and consider yourself a hustler because the terms are closely related than any other profession. The important thing here is not just wanting to take over the world but waking up every single morning and taking different actions to reach that goal.

Stay hustling. You truly can’t knock the hustle.


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